"Russia traffic"
It is worth mentioning to Moscow subway is very cheap, unlike domestic to collect fees by distance, the somebody else is no matter how far from eight roubles (less than 2 yuan citizens currency), it is no wonder that a 10 million international metropolis, people almost can't see how much the street, the car can drive to 80 MPH.
Moscow subway shock and convinced, let a person have calculated that in thick Moscow downtown area is about three times in Beijing, for such a big city, its subway like capillaries are like spiders' webs extends to every corner of the city, the subway has three layers of crisscross the city centre. Total length of nearly 400 kilometers.
Image to the person deep is not its length, but its magnificent beauty. Countless station are past exquisite architectural art, like a palace, more like the underground of the kremlin. Each station is different, stone carving, fresco, marble arch, let a person ghost town.
The Russian foreign students day 】
Russians like a holiday, when summer arrives, even the normally cleaners will put down the chance of making money, the family out for a holiday, the economic condition better go abroad, in recent years, China's hainan island in the map is more and more big, the Russian people like the sun, like sunshine and the beach in hainan coconut trees, like the skin into bronze exposed to the sun.
And the Russian people, you will feel very enthusiastic, need not deliberately to encourage, soon, they will heat up, sing dance, very noisy hot air.
You'll find the people here, whether men, women and children all like to drink, people go to the supermarket buy always don't forget to buy a few bottles of vodka. In hot places, even the little women drink a bottle of vodka nor perverse.
In Moscow, flower shop may along more than China's, Russia can not live without the ornament of flowers in one day, the Russian girl's birthday party, you assume that I sent you a bouquet of flowers, she will be touched by a good half-day.
At the airport, you will see from the aged to the young couple with flowers everywhere to meet the situation, whether they would deeply kiss greet send, the situation is both romantic and touching.
Before you go to got wind of Russia sent very stale, for which the Chinese people are not friendly, underworld, such as an internship in Russia, feelings roots is not so return a responsibility, in Russia sent very polite, very friendly, but can't speak English.
We asked the circuit in Moscow, a very fine heart doth hear we said along while, but he couldn't understand English, and certainly do not understand Chinese, but he also im very patient to listen to, not a little impatient gesture.
Understand, after all, we are Chinese, so contact sent bureau immediately, after all, contact the Chinese embassy, asked what we need to help, and say, assume that cannot decide, can go to sent and have a rest.
The essence of the Russian high, make the Chinese we really feel very ashamed. In Moscow, roots don't need to take a taxi, and in a single wave, will have a car to stop, go on, some money, some don't accept money, money is cheap, because Russia's cities are very big, Moscow has a lot of people have a part-time job when a taxi, the government has no matter.
So Russia's foreign students day is very good, our study, also can go out and have a look. , of course, a lot of people are sincerely help you, don't money, and sometimes you go to local and different path, he also will be around for you, in all its citizens is very enthusiastic.




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