Russia to study abroad advantage 1. - professional choice
According to the famous art class university has repin academy - one of the world's four big beautiful courtyard, beautiful courtyard along with Paris, has trained many world-class artists. Introducing professional: sculpture, painting, oil painting and construction department.
Music classes according to the famous university is Tchaikovsky music college, is one of the world's most famous high-end music institution of higher learning. Chai hospital in once upon a time, and now the Russian music civilization open and less relevant, meaning severe. Introducing professional: piano, vocal music, music.
In medical university and is Russia's most famous and most influential university are respectively Xie Dong's Ivan Pavlov, a national medical university and national university of medical sciences, introducing professional: clinical medicine, pharmacy and stomatology.
Is given priority to with the liberal arts of general university is best Moscow state university and national university of saint Petersburg. Moscow state university in the world ranking has always been located in the top 10, is a well-known famous university. Introducing professional: rules, news, department of psychology and speech.
Is given priority to with science in general university good st Petersburg state technical university, and tsinghua university of China is the counterpart in colleges and universities. Bauman Moscow university of technology, is one of the most excellent technical university in the world. Introducing professional: IT, radio technology, power engineering and physics, Moscow ancient cloth gold petroleum university is a famous Russian oil major colleges and universities, and oil in China have very good cooperation relations, introducing professional: the development of oil and gas.
Russia's study in Russia to study abroad advantages 2. - processing speed is fast
To Russia for processing begged begged cycle to visa down is commonly 2-3 months time distribution. Every university issued the letter of admission time general distribution in 1 week, and schools need to Russian immigration office to get entry invitation letter, according to this cycle slowly, generally in 35-45 days, but now most of the colleges and universities are slip together with the invitation, 7 - often to the company in August. Students only need to supply the material is reliable, can obtain entrance invitation letter and visa smoothly.
Russia's study abroad advantage 3. Good, good teaching quality
Russia is located in the world's highest level of higher education, with many world famous university. St Petersburg, Moscow state university in the world top ten repin academy is one of the world's four big beautiful courtyard, beautiful courtyard along with Paris. Moscow Tchaikovsky's music college is one of the world's largest and most famous music education. Besides Russia's aerospace, architecture, biology, medicine, art are ranked among the top of the world.
Russian teacher teaching is the essence of teaching, appreciation of a generalization of the students, only students early to Russia will take a one-year preparatory study, preparatory study is divided into two periods, the first half of the period is mainly introduction to speak Russian, Russian grammar and so on, can offer specialized courses, after half a period will branch and coherence in writing, the students in the preparatory period will also learn some basic knowledge of professional class theory. The teacher will perfusion in students in preparatory study in Russian thought to learn to adjust, attaches great importance to the students' listening only to move, such as classical Chinese early let students to Russia will soon feed into learning. Can have graduation exam prep graduation, through may enter the universities and colleges in Russia for further examination.
4 advantages of studying aboard in Russian province -- leave tuition with low
Russia don't yell or the boom of studying abroad has become a potential, not only because Russia has a large number of brand-name colleges and universities in the world, and that is his lower left tuition, got the working class. In recent years, many working-class families sent children to Russia's national university for further education.
A province "word, begin from processing visa, don't like to go to Europe and the United States to Russia booming countries such as Australia, often need to supply hundreds of thousands of money deposit certificate or recent year water accounts, Russian embassy rules of Chinese students to handle the visa only the supply of fifty thousand yuan, or $5000 in bank deposits proved that can be frozen for three months. So the general working-class can afford the fees. The cost of the second to study abroad in Russia, the Russian college recent years policy adjustment, than the early expensive, but also in a uniform tuition allocation of $three thousand to $four thousand, plus the cost of living accommodation, probably between 4-70000 a year, is still thriving country is much lower than some. With so little money will have the chance to read the world famous universities, too.
Russia's study abroad advantage 5. Wide - job prospects
Well-known, to the top of the world powers, Russia and China in various fields complementarity is very big, so in the future Russian people will have very large space, need to choose the President putin's second, back at the top of a formal visit countries is China, and the longest duration, the two countries signed a number of cooperation agreements, so now choose to study abroad in Russia, in the future after graduating from college in Russia will turn to contribute to all aspects of the two countries, bilateral trade between the two countries to reach $2015 in 100 billion, reaching $200 billion in 2020, requires a lot of Russian, understand the situation of Russia's talent for efficiency. Parents of students choose to study abroad in Russia at the graduation of time will have a very good job prospects.\




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