优德88,选择寄宿家庭是一种比较便宜的住宿方式,学生还可以获得寄宿家庭的监护。然而,寄宿在Host Family里,你与寄宿家庭成员并不总是友好和谐的。对于广大小留学生们来说,学好一些基本的国外交往礼仪规矩,提前做好准备才能在俄罗斯寄宿生活中才能游刃有余,真正与寄宿家庭成员和谐相处。
To study abroad in Russia, select the host family is a cheaper way of accommodation, students can also get the host family care. However, live in the Host Family, with your Host Family members are not always friendly and harmonious. For the small students, foreign exchanges to learn some basic etiquette rules, ready to boarding life in Russia in advance to, really in harmony with the host family members.
B: in that case, then the problem comes, to adapt to the Russian host family life what is the correct posture? Study abroad in Russia expert support a move to you!
1. Before contact with host families, more deepen understanding!
Before get the host family contact, Skype, Email, etc, can contact in advance, deepen mutual understanding, to prevent the occurrence of life after friction.
2. First, take some small gifts to do "bribe"!
Meeting etiquette is practicable in Russia, many russians for Chinese people as a stereotype, the emergence of this kind of stereotype is mostly in Russia people in China don't understand. And to get each other's understanding, the first to get the good opinion of each other. A simple ceremony light weight, small gifts can dissolve the embarrassment between, increase each other's favor.
Study abroad in Russia experts recommend friends to take some paper cutting, silk scarves and some China's specialty, as for some brittle ceramics, tea sets, or don't take that as well.
3. Be skills alongside the body.
Generally speaking, the Russian host families will provide students the basic household electrical appliances, the two meals while on duty and meals at the weekend, so little students always think just with the money to study abroad in Russia. However, friends always forget to bring a little "other things", that is, their own skills. Some basic washing clothes, fold the clothes, and even cooking skills, you can't learn, everything want to host family to help you, so you couldn't be true harmony of the relationship.
Students are just boarding in Russian families, rather than pay the host family to take care of you, so, the obligations or to bear.
, of course, for those who don't take, not to cook, do not provide the irrational behavior of diet, little foreign students also want to get tough, resolute in home.
4. Observe the basic "family rules" of home.
Lodged in the Russian families, students is to respect the basic rule of some homes, for example, into the room (have) you don't need to wear slippers, night sleep time, three meals a day schedule, how to wash clothes, etc.
So, after the students to study abroad in Russia, first ask the Russian family rules, if there is any discrepancy in their, also want to clear clear, coordinate with others. Respect for each other!
4. Appropriate to do some housework
This is also one in obey the rules of the host family. Russia's study abroad information in family life, children are need to do the housework. You are boarding students, then treated in accordance with the standards of family members. Doing housework is inescapable. , of course, to do the housework is not to say that, you do all the housework should meet legal rights infringement, resolute defending.
5. To the point, the Russian people don't like face!
This is because the culture of different reasons. Met with Chinese, always choose tolerance, although not easy in my mind. In Russia people don't like this. The Russian people think that, you say OK, that's OK, they will not delve into whether you install, is for the best of NO fear of hurting each other? So, to study abroad in Russia to meet their own are not satisfied with place, must be timely. And, of course, friendly attitude and friendly to others and others will be friendly to you!
6. The way of communication, problem solving!
Dinner time is a little foreign students have the best time to communicate with the Russian family. Russians generally stay at dinner chat chat, talking and laughing at this time, don't was isolated, you want to get involved, it can exercise the spoken English, but also can deepen the feelings between you and host family members.
Go abroad in the outside, boarding in the host family, we must complete their own, but from the rights infringement, and to defending, their own interests is to fight for myself!
Want to know more about Russia study abroad information, welcome to consult our professional advisory team will give you the most accurate positioning.





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