Study in Russia's common question and answer:
Why said Russia is "working families" of oversea studies?
Russia to study abroad can indeed be called the most suitable for the working class to study, general study abroad fees at $1000 - $1000 a year, individual professional or even $700, so the cost is far lower than the European or American countries.
Russia is very cold, study abroad will not used to?
  俄罗斯的冬季24小时供暖,室温在30度左右,室内一般都是穿单衣单裤。俄罗斯的城市绿化率为40% -60%,风沙很少,如果不是很长时间的呆在室外,穿一件羽绒服就足够了了。
The Russian winter heating, 24 hours at room temperature at about 30 degrees, indoor are generally wear trousers light clothing. Russia's urban afforestation rate is 40% - 60%, sand is small, if not stay outdoors for a long time, wearing a down jacket is enough.
When parents can go to visit?
Visitor visa is the most preferred to deal with the Russian embassy visa, one of his parents, his wife and children, brothers and sisters can get visitor visa. International students can apply for a spouse, parents, children with. Students every school year to register a residential formalities, with people along with the application for registration for a year, until the end of the whole program.
Whether convenient transfer from Russia to sign the other countries? Whether need to return to sign?
Russia and signed in China than in other countries is convenient, quick, easy. Go to Canada investment immigration, skilled migration of the Chinese people, get a visa in Moscow, only three months time, conform to the conditions, not according to the sign. Visit to the United States can also take part in the tour group from all over the world. Chinese students can attend vacation tour group to travel around the world at one's own expenses, the price is very cheap. But one thing, you must have a formal work in Russia's identity and student identity.
"Now learn Russian and use?
The reporter learns from the outside in the Russian language, as the older generation of Russian people retired, at present, the Russian domain has a talent serious short phenomenon. Long history between China and Russia at the same time, economic relations of natural complementary, rapid heating up, heralding the Russian will become the international and domestic market demand of talents.
When Chinese students to study in Russia's situation and condition?
At present our country the number of people at one's own expenses study abroad more than 7000 people in Russia, there are tens of thousands of people, coupled with professional students accounted for about half of the total number of foreign students in Russia.
To study abroad in many countries to take an examination of language, and to Russia to study abroad can be an exemption. As long as it is a domestic high school diploma (or equivalent), and a healthy body, all can be an exemption to Russia's national colleges and universities study for a bachelor's or master, doctor degree in secondary education. Students enrolled after the implement of credit system according to the school, like undergraduate course consists of four or five year, master for 2-3 year, don't understand the Russian increase preparatory study Russian 1 year. Russian college bilingual teaching, in addition to the Russian teaching, otherwise part of the English teaching subject, the students can study foreign language, also can be mastered after graduation at least 2-3 foreign language.




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