a, flexible education system
Due to domestic objective reasons, a lot of students after hard work, not to the university or study their favorite professional, but in Russia, many national university is no barrier to entry, students can according to their special features in hundred school and choose among more than 400 professional; Hobbies and professional learning, is the basic guarantee of your academic success, success.
Second, the education level is high
Russia has the world advanced science and technology and strong scientific research base, still has the world first-class education system; It has many professional is the world's strongest, such as space in some areas, optical, aviation, navigation, etc. There are a lot of professional, is one of the few countries have such as military, physics, mathematics, computer software, nuclear power, oil and gas and precision machinery, etc.; In addition, in medicine, biology, pedagogy, psychology, architecture, transportation, communication, heavy industry, chemical industry and many other disciplines and professional is the world leading level, not to mention the Russian art and music art of the world's most prestigious, Russia is still want to learn cutting-edge technology students yearning place, among students rush to some small and medium-sized countries ErSanLiu school, came to Russia to study Western Europe a large number of students in the United States. In Russia, the world famous universities, such as: Moscow state university, repin academy of fine arts, Pavlov institute of the national university of medical sciences, Tchaikovsky music and so on.
Third, to study the threshold is low
Graduated from high school can be an exemption to Russia to study abroad. Russia had higher per capita total 95% of the adult education, leading countries of the world average level of higher education, the scientific research and technical level is high; For Russia's current system of education, they have more than 560 colleges and universities, the national more than 500 professional; And all of these colleges and universities by Russian college education evaluation of the quality of the education evaluation committee. Now, as long as it is a domestic high school diploma (or equivalent), and a healthy body, all can be an exemption to Russia's national university study for a bachelor's or master, doctor degree in secondary education; After students enrolled, as undergraduate academic year consists of 4, 5, 2-3 year, apply for the master degree of foreign students increased prep 1 year (learn Russian); Can be gotten after the expiry of the students' learning, the examination of the qualifications, Russia recognized the two countries.
Four, diploma appreciation potential
With international education background, professional quality and a high level of mastery of Russian and British language (while in college, in the second language is English, because the students English is better, and communicate more opportunities, in the students English level is generally higher than domestic), than the domestic university graduates only master a foreign English have better employment prospects, but Russia all aspects of have the aid of the development of employment in Russia, or go to the European and American developed countries with knowledge in a shot. In addition, the study in Russia's diploma value as well as stock as Russia's economic recovery and a new powerful will be rising in the job market.
Five, the mutual recognition degree between China and Russia
Government education culture between China and Russia agreement stipulates clearly recognized each other the two countries degree and degree, this is going to back to their graduation degree recognised by the trouble back at home. Degree mutual recognition agreement between China and Russia to make our country including ministry big, such as TV university approved by the national academic recognition in Russia. At present, the degree is not high not hard difficult employment, and this agreement makes a large number of China's Big Ben and have a chance to study abroad for further study of college students and to change the fate of the ability to compete with other students.
Six, apply for a high success rate
Due to the Russian education resource is abundant and strengthen education cooperation between China and the government to make policy, so students applying to colleges in Russia, and handle the student visa, will be easier than other countries. Students in the school invitation letter at the same time, also obtained the entry permit issued by the interior ministry, which greatly improve the consulate for an entry visa success rate, success rate is almost 100%.
Seven, China and Russia have traditional friendship
Normalization of relations between China and Russia began in 1989 and from 1992 to 1996, and even up to the three steps, namely: from neighbourly relations for constructive partnership, to develop strategic partnership for the 21st century. Can also be described: from friends to further enhance friendship, to seek common development, and from this point, when you or your child enters the school of Russia will not disoriented by contrast in the ideological, not feel ethnic discrimination or intense competition and a heavy psychological pressure.
Eight, employment prospects
Have great need of the communication. Due to the efforts of the government, the two countries trade status between China and Russia is rapidly improving, study abroad talent is growing demand for graduation, with improved further in the next few years the Russian economy and rapidly expand all-round cooperation between the two countries, and does not adapt to the domestic serious lack of Russian education, and Russia is a big country, has a long border with China, both sides has a strong economic complementarity, etc. Could see two or three years, the talents QueDang will quickly appear, and after a long time to leave the graduates will be in short supply situation.
Nine, Russia costs low
Talking about "study abroad in Russia", most people think of Britain, Canada and other countries in the first place, but these countries $100000 to $200000 a year to study, the cost of living for many working class "hope and stopped". From the study abroad fees, study in Russia takes less than a quarter of the commonwealth countries. In Russia, after entering the university students, students pay 1, 20000 yuan per year tuition fees for accommodation, medical treatment insurance premium is about 900 yuan each year, 800 yuan each month cost of living. University, for example: the following, the novgorod building, all fees (tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, tuition and fees) added about 17000 yuan.




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